Jacqueline Houtman (jjhoutman) wrote,
Jacqueline Houtman

Fun with Lasers!

I've been volunteering at the Madison Science Museum, and we have a new exhibit opening next week.  Here's a little bit about it. Stop by and see it if you're in the area!

Laser Exhibit
We are excited to be opening a new exhibit next week. Zap! The Wonders of Lasers will be opening on Thursday, February 25th. The exhibit will be open all day (2:00-7:00PM), but please join us for a reception that evening from 4:00-7:00PM to celebrate the occasion (refreshments will be provided). This exhibit features 12 interactive stations designed by the Wonders of Physics at UW-Madison. Ever wonder how the bar code scanner works while you're in line at the grocery store? How can lasers work as a cancer treatment? Did you know you can make music with lasers? Come explore the Wonders of Lasers and see first-hand how this technology impacts our lives.
A huge thank to Mike Randall and the Wonders of Physics for their hard work building these stations and also all our volunteers who helped make this exhibit happen! Especially: Michael L'Roy for the painting in the exhibit, Michael Treiman, Jacqueline Houtman, and Claire Steffen for labels and interpretives, and Ben Freeman for IT support.

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