Jacqueline Houtman (jjhoutman) wrote,
Jacqueline Houtman

Sheboygan, here I come!

Tomorrow I head up to Sheboygan, Wisconsin for the Third Annual Sheboygan Children's Book Festival. It'll be my first time attending, since I had scheduling conflicts the last few years.

I was in Sheboygan last year for the World Premiere of the stage production of The Reinvention of Edison Thomas.

This year, I'll be talking about Sciency Fiction, participating in some hands-on science, signing books, participating in an author panel with Ilsa J. Bick, Lisa Albert, Sarah Weeks, and Julie Halpern (moderated by Mitch Teich), and signing some more books

Here's my festival page. The complete schedule for the festival is here.

I hope to see you there!
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