Jacqueline Houtman (jjhoutman) wrote,
Jacqueline Houtman

Random Act of Publicity: Sciency Fiction Version

It's Random Acts of Publicity Week!

It's also the first week of school and kind of hectic, so I'm just going to post cover images of some of my favorite middle-grade sciency fiction books. I'm working on some talks and blog posts on the subject, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out these titles if you love science (and even if you're on the fence about it).

The Green Glass SeaThe Evolution of Calpurnia TateBrendan Buckley's Universe and Everything in ItMy Side of the Mountain
Ninjas, Piranhas, and GalileoPhineas L. MacGuire...Erupts! (From the Highly Scientific Notebooks of Phineas L. MacGuire Series #1)Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective (Encyclopedia Brown Series #1)Every Soul A Star
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